Jan 14, 2014


Over 1.5 billion people utilize Social Media in our world.  What a huge world to connect with at the tip of your fingers!  I have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blogger and Snapchat.  I really enjoy using these social media avenues.  They keep me in touch with family, friends, my church, and acquaintances in ways I’ve come to rely upon.  I enjoy seeing what people do with their families and friends, reading their thoughts, and in a way sharing life with them.  You could categorize nearly all of my posts and pictures into four categories:  God, family, food, and hunting.  Social media helps us stay connected with the people next door and people across the world all at once.  I think social media in some ways has become a necessity for some businesses and ministries in today’s world.  It’s not going away and more and more of us will use it more and more in the days ahead.

As I have utilized and immersed my life in these social media avenues I’ve come to some realizations about them:

Your profile and page do not really communicate who you are
Step back, look deep.  Is your Facebook account really who you are?  The answer is no.  The truth is that we are all both a lot better and a lot worse in real life than what we show through social media.

Social Media relationships are not as meaningful as REAL relationships.
1 real true friend is worth far more than 1000 Facebook friends. 

Man cannot live on Social Media alone
At your funeral Facebook will not be there, real people will.  Facebook does not feed your family, your real job does.  Facebook does not need and depend upon you, your real children do.  Facebook does not love you, your real spouse does.  Facebook did not give His son for your, a real God did.  Facebook cannot loan you its shoulder to cry on, your real friends can.  Facebook cannot give us what a real God, real spouse, real family, real friends, and real job can.

Time spent looking on Social Media is time not spent elsewhere
Social media often robs time and attention from work, family, driving, rest, and God.  The real world needs more of you and you need more of the real world.  Social media causes us to rob attention from the real world actually happening around us.   The people with and around us deserve more of our attention because they are actually investing their time to be with you…the “friends” on Facebook are not.

Social Media adultery leads to real world adultery
Though it may seem as an innocent chat, the enemy can turn it into more than that.  If you are hiding accounts or conversations you have on social media from your spouse then you are being unfaithful to your spouse. 

Social Media can bring out the Worst in Us and Others
Post a rant, complaint, boast, simple gossip and more than likely the “likes” and “comments” will roll in like wild fire.  Satan glories in this, God does not.  If you have a complaint or rant, go to the source or cause, not to Facebook.  When you just complain or rant nothing positive is accomplished and Satan’s head just got bigger.

Social Media can become addicting
For some reason it has a tendency to grasp us in such a way that we cannot go but a few hours without it.  We feel like we are out of the loop when we can’t look at it.  It may not be drugs, alcohol, or nicotine, but the damage an addiction to Social Media can cause can be just as costly over time.

You can still live without Social Media
You will not be cast out of your friendship circles and die alone.  And for that matter your business will survive and your ministry will still thrive without social media.  You may actually find yourself developing healthier and more meaningful relationships the less you invest in Facebook and the more you invest in real people.

Social media can take up too much of us and it can become larger in our lives than it needs to be.  Here’s a few things that I’ve learned to practice to keep Social Media from becoming larger than it needs to be in my life:
  1. Try a Social Media fast
  2. Schedule or limit your time on social media
  3. Use social media to speak of God and Godly things.  Encourage someone.  Post about what you are learning from God’s word.  Drop a word about what you learned from the sermon or Sunday school lesson at church.  If the world of Facebook is going to see what's happening in your world, show them what God is doing.
  4. Don’t post too much.  The more you post, the less people read what you post
  5. Enjoy something awesome and don’t post about it.  Go on a date with your spouse and keep it a secret from your social media friends.  I’ve found that I enjoy some activities and people more when I’m not trying to let the world in on what I’m doing at the time and who I’m doing it with.  Privacy amongst spouses and friends can be enriching to those relationships.
A popular hashtag in 2013 in social media was #YOLO.  It stands for “You Only Live Once.”  This statement is true, we only have one life that we have the opportunity to live in this real world.  So spend that one life wisely and don’t waste too much of it on a social media world that sees people as little more than a newsfeed.  Spend it investing in a real God, real family, real friends, and the real world that is around you every day.