Feb 23, 2014

32 Ways You Can Help Your Church

Every church needs help and your church needs your help.  Every member matters and every member ought to contribute to the mission and ministry of their church. Here are a few practical things that I think you can do to help your church be the church God wants it to be.

1.       Go.
2.       Give.
3.       Serve somewhere, anywhere.
4.       Pray for your church.
5.       Keep your church informed with your prayer requests.
6.       Actually pray for the prayer lists and prayer requests.
7.       Encourage and pray for your pastor.
8.       Invite people to your church, especially lots of lost people.
9.       Speak positively and well of your church.
10.   Meet new people every Sunday.
11.   Be last in line, whatever line it is, let others go before you.
12.   Make sure to love and serve your church's senior adults too.
13.   Check in with people who have been absent.  You might have been the only one who noticed they were gone.  Everybody gets their feelings hurt when no one seems to notice they weren’t there, especially if it’s been a couple of weeks.
14.   Don't gossip about people, don't assume things about people, and don’t ignore people.
15.   Don't let your church settle for the mediocre.
16.   Don't get territorial.  Don’t ever think it’s my seat, my ministry, my room, or my anything.
17.   Don't expect the pastor and staff to do it all, they need your help with almost everything.
18.   Don't get too comfortable.
19.   Don’t ever think that everyone else thinks like you or likes what you like, especially when it comes to music.
20.   Talk more about what God is doing in your church than what God did decades ago.
21.   Enjoy the traditions but don't make them idols or make them essentials.
22.   Don't ever say or think, "I wish we weren't so big" or "I miss our little church.”  Good churches are growing churches, so if your church is growing it's probably because it's a good one.  If you church is not growing then that's bad, really bad, and you should help do something about it.
23.   Realize your pastor and staff are real people with real families and make sure they get the time to do what real people and real families do.
24.   Participate in areas of ministry outside your normal sphere and comfort zone.
25.   Volunteer in the nursery.   I don't care what church you go to, they need help here.
26.   Sign up early for special events.  It helps the staff and encourages others to participate when they see that you signed up.
27.   Be really uncomfortable with sin especially when it's in church leadership.
28.   Regularly ask yourself if your church is fulfilling the great commission as best as it can.
29.   Let your church leadership lead.  Follow them, trust them.
30.   Bring your bible and take sermon notes.
31.   Smile on Sundays and talk to people, especially people you don’t know really well.
32.   Turn your cell phone on silent.  Every time.  Please ;)